Originality in mobile games


I believe in todays games we lack Originality, your probably thinking what I mean? Many of the mobile games you see today being released are likely to be very similar to temple run and flappy bird etc. My concern is that games are no longer an original idea and they lack storyline/creativity within the game. We all remember that in 2013 a game took over the app store in fact it took over the world (not quite but you know what I mean) this game was called “flappy bird”. The developer was earning $50,000 a day with ads and I say good for him. But this is where the problem started to grow. This has led to countless copies being added to the app store’s (mainly apple). It seems that today developers are chasing after the wealth/fame of others.

Apps similar to flappy bird are over crowded with ads just for a chance to get the $50,000 or close to it. This is a real shame because this lacks originality. Originality is so important in a game, but what I’m getting at here is as developers let’s be more creative. As people are aware of flappy bird copies why do we need more on.

Your a developer with a great skill and your really going to try and prove that by making another copy? we must get creative!!!

Creativity in a Clone World

There is huge market out there and people are waiting for a app to come out with originality. We are living in a time where money seems to be the core focus of apps, we have to remember that robots are not playing our mobile games/apps its real people, we must let this be the core focus. When we think of the person who will use the app I believe we will see some incredible ideas/games. so I encourage those who have the skills to please take your time to sit and think of something out of your awesome brain.

Creative Juices

Every time I’m thinking of a app or mobile game I sit down and draw a very simple brain storm.


What do they need? Are people looking for a mobile game or something completely different, it’s important you do your research. What are your friends playing and see what is popular on social media. I also look at reviews of apps that fall in the same category as mine, what do reviewers like or dislike.


The why is extremely important. Why are people looking for a mobile game/app like mine? Why are they going to play/use it?

Is the Idea Unique? 

Your idea has to be original and unique so once again research is needed, is your idea too similar to another mobile game/app. You also have to see whether the market is right for your idea.

Does the App Allow the Users to Engage? 

This is very important. What is going to make the users keep coming back, how will it make them engage. The game must be something that someone can use on the long term, even in 12 months time will they still be using it?

Think of the interface, colours, funny characters, objectives etc.

Will it have a Social and Community Aspect to it? 

I think the answer should always be yes! Never leave out the power of social media, it’s the modern way of “the word of mouth.” It’s a great way to target Mobile user’s and it shows that you care about the people using your game.


This is simple what age are the users going to be. This will help you target the right audience.

Does the App have a Story to It?

Not like a book but a short story or comic strip style that can make the user engage and make them feel like they are part of the game.

How is My Game going to be different from the other Games? What makes your Mobile game different? Not so much the category or genre it falls into but the story and the gameplay, free to play? or paid?

And last but not least be CREATIVE. Just go for it! Sometimes the craziest and simplest of ideas can be the most popular. It can work both ways, just make it fun.


Brainstorming will help you get on the path of being creative, it will get the creative juices flowing. This is key for you to have a Mobile game or app that is %100 originally yours. It’s a process and a lot of hard work but you will stand out from the crowd.

The aim about this blog post was to help encourage you not to copy someone else’s fame. If you are looking for investment then be yourself, it’s in you and your idea.

People that go around copying games will not get very far, but if you have a %100 original idea you know your on the right path.

Go forth be creative and %100 Original!!

The Bearded Englishman.



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