The battle between console, mobile and reality


Today I want to talk about console, mobile and reality. So I suppose we need to ask ourselves who is winning. Games on mobiles today seem to be lacking a storyline or a natural game play flow. The gameplay or mind set is more of “I’m on a lunch break so I will play this”. There are some decent games on the app store with great story/gameplay/graphics for example infinity blade. But I believe mobile games have not yet reached there full potential to beat the console. The console is ever advancing, why? Well the console is purely for gameplay and graphic’s are advancing each year.

The mobile/tablet is not built for gaming it’s built to meet your daily needs, but of course the mobile/tablet is much cheaper to run than a console. We know that the console is now allowing the users to engage and interact, I believe this is certainly the future and we will see an ever advancing technology such as the oculus rift to improve our gameplay experience.

Human senses

As humans we are always wanting to experience new things, new senses and explore. The new oculus rift gives all of these, we are no longer satisfied with the norm of games, we want the new thing, something that will challenge our behaviour and reality! Below you will see a video of exactly this, this man know’s he is in a shopping mall, he knows he is on solid ground but with a little push his reality and his behaviour changed.

So who is winning? Well no one as of yet. There will always be 3 types of gamers, the ones that want their behaviour and reality challenged, the second are those who enjoy the gameplay the story, and the third will be the mobile/tablet players, the quick fix for boredom or lunch.

We all have different opinions on this matter so let everyone know what type of gamer you are?